Sunday, April 29, 2012

Professional Wall Mounted Salon Hair Steamer

Professional Wall Mounted Salon Hair Steamer Review

Professional Wall Mounted Salon Hair Steamer Feature

  • 750 watts of heating power and stainless steel coil produce therapeutic steam vapor
  • 30-ounce water reservoir on top of steamer
  • Adjustable timer and power levels
  • Tinted acrylic hood with 11-3/4" diameter opening (11" deep)
  • Adjustable wall-mounted with swing-arm extension up to 64" from wall
This wall-mountable salon hair steamer is CE-certified and loaded with professional functions and features. It has 750 watts of heating power and a stainless steel coil for superb steam production. It includes a tank-style, heavy-duty water reservoir with a capacity of 30 ounces on top of the steamer. The water is drawn from the reservoir into the internal heating chamber. A drain valve under the unit allows internal chamber to be emptied and flushed (only drain when unit is cool). Thermal overload circuitry turns off steamer if water level drops too low, however never allow any steamer to run dry or be operated while unattended. The controls and digital display allow easy presetting of session lengths and adjustment of power and steam level. Steamer hood is made from durable tinted acrylic and measures 11-3/4" in diameter at its opening by 11" deep. A 17" long diffuser located inside of the hood works to direct steam flow around the contours of the hood for even distribution of vapor. Three vent holes with an adjustable control provide further refinement of the steam level. Condensation is collected by the rolled lip at the lower edge of the hood; the condensate is deposited into a removable collection jar at the base of the hood. The unit is adjustable and wall-mountable. The balanced swing-arm allows the hood to extend up to 64" from the wall. Bonnet may be tilted up or down, and the hood swivels on the mounting arm so it can be positioned as desired. Due to the cantilever design of this item, professional installation by a contractor is recommended; they can determine the type of walls in your salon, what reinforcement and anchors are needed, and ensure the unit is securely connected to the swing-arm, and that the swing-arm is correctly and permanently secured to the wall bracket. Includes complete CE-certified hair steamer, grounded power cord (120 volt use only), wall-mounting bracket with swing arm, hardware package, and instructions.

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